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Take control in your community.

This form makes it simple for community members to submit complaints about alcohol licensees directly to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). These complaints help mobilize ABC to investigate any criminal behavior, damage, threats, or other impact to your quality of life associated with any businesses with an alcohol license.

You are not required to identify yourself, but please provide as much information as you can. The more specific the information, the better ABC can investigate the location.

We do not accept pictures or videos as part of a complaint. NEVER attempt to document or follow individuals.

USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: Unless compelled by law, Alcohol Justice will not share personal contact information submitted through this form with anyone outside ABC. You will not be added to our mailing list. Your contact information will be used only to help you resolve your complaint.

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Helps ABC agents follow up with you for more details.
Helps ABC agents follow up with you for more details.
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This form will automatically direct your complaint to ABC.
To follow up with the department yourself —


Phone: (916) 419-2500

Mailing address:
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Attention: Complaint Desk
3927 Lennane Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA. 95834

Alcohol Justice will not use personal information from this form for any other purpose.