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Pine Ridge Liberation Day Event

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Pine Ridge Liberation Day Event Turns Into
Alcohol-Related Showdown in Whiteclay Nebraska
Oglala Sioux Demand an End to Illegal Alcohol Sales Activity Harming Their People
Pine Ridge, SD  (March 1, 2013) – Alcohol Justice is reporting that a serious confrontation over illegal alcohol activity occurred last night on the border between Whiteclay Nebraska and the Pine Ridge Native American Reservation in South Dakota. 
"We have so many strong sober relatives that the only option is to continue to heal," stated activist Olowan Martinez. "We no longer hide our spirituality, we no longer walk in shame of who we are. An escape from the slavery of alcohol is now occurring and soon the mind of the Oglala Lakota will also be liberated."

Eyewitness reports state a Round Dance celebration for Liberation Day 2013 (in recognition of the 1973 Wounded Knee Occupation) turned into a showdown between Nebraska state troopers and Native Oglala Lakota activists working to end destructive alcohol use when Nebraska State troopers walked onto Pine Ridge sovereign land. They warned Bryan Brewer Sr., Oglala Sioux Tribal President, that if he stepped into Nebraska he would be charged with trespassing.
A state trooper performed an alcohol Breathalyzer test on Whiteclay Nebraska Sheriff Terry Robbins due to his behavior and results were not made public. Over a hundred Oglala Lakota marched into the town of Whiteclay forcing the state troopers to withdraw from the area. Tribal President Bryan Brewer Sr. stated that “…on Friday March 1st, activists will return with five times as many people to shut down Whiteclay."
25% of Pine Ridge Reservation youth suffer from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
2/3 of Pine Ridge Reservation adults suffer from alcoholism.
What:  Liberation Day 2013 Rally to end illegal alcohol activity in Whiteclay Nebraska
When:  Friday, March 1, 2013 Time to be determined
Where: Border of Pine Ridge South Dakota and Whiteclay Nebraska
Who: Representatives from:           

·      Oglala Lakota Nation
·      Deep Green Resistance
·      Community Supporters
Why:   To stop the illegal alcohol activity at Whiteclay, Nebraska such as:      
·      Retailer participation in alcohol smuggling into the Pine Ridge Reservation
·      Trade of alcohol for sex
·      Loitering at the premises of alcohol retailers with open containers
·      The inability of Nebraska Liquor Commission to stop illegal retailer activity
·      Recent homicides and physical violence
·      Alcohol sales to minors                                                                  
·      Alcohol sales to intoxicated people
Media Availability:  For more info or to schedule interviews, contact Jorge Castillo, Advocacy Director, Alcohol Justice 213 840-3336.

 2-28-13 PineRidge1

Pine Ridge, SD Reservation Native Americans confront Nebraska State Police in protest over illegal alcohol sales in Whiteclay, NE 2-28-13
Photo by Joseph Feaster