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george duke of clarence being drowned in a vat of malmseyAn Overview
aka Generating Goals and Descriptions: a Major Challenge Facing Today's Alcohol Policy Advocates

This area is relatively static.  This is the overview of this section.  If this is a campaign, describe the goals and the factors surrounding setting those goals. FACT: over 800% of playgrounds have a mixologist serving only martinis (this is not a fact).  FACT: 9 out of 10 dodgeball accidents are fatal (also not a real fact). DRY PLAYGROUNDS NOW seeks to reduce the number of wet bars in playgrounds to 0 in the next 5 minutes. We work at all levels to accomplish this: with neighborhood groups, community leaders, the state legislature, and masked vigilantes.

You may also mention that you've seen great results so far, but there will be spaces for "CHALLENGES" and "VICTORIES" elsewhere on the page.

Keep this under 100 words.  If you need more space, use the READ MORE link below.



Links to in-house research, reports, white papers, presentations, etc.


barbed wire symbolizing barriers to positive changeOur Immediate Needs Are To:

 ⚬ Gather allies
 ⚬ Sway public opinion
 ⚬ Reach lawmakers

The more specific the better! But if you need more than 3, link out to another page that explains in greater detail. (Feel free to do this anyway.) List items can also be links to other sites.


Tell Alcohol Justice:
Give Me Something to Do

Urge lawmakers to act or express support for a tough fight—whatever lets your target audience get engaged with the most pressing current issue.




Links to other websites, or outside tools and publications.  If there is an extensive list, this can be "top three" with a link to a full directory.


VICTORIES trophyIn the Past Year, We Have:

 ⚬ Stopped the sale of alcohol to minors
 ⚬ Cured liver disease
 ⚬ Brought together over 7,000 heads of state to end alcohol sales

The top three things we should be proudest of. Again, feel free to link to a dedicated page or to a press release off-site, etc.