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ABI's Monopoly Moves Must Be Stopped

monopoly beerWatchdog Bruce Lee Livingston Calls for CA AG Investigation of Anheuser-Busch InBev Anti-Competitive Takeover of LA Beer Distributor

Alcohol Justice Executive Director/CEO Livingston today requested a full-scale investigation by Attorney General Xavier Becerra of the attempted takeover of Ace Beverage LLC in Los Angeles. There is a federal court order enjoining Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) to not take over more than 10% of the wholesale beer distribution in the US. However, if this gobbling up of a Los Angeles wholesaler takes place, ABI will control 40% or more of the beer distribution market in California. Mom-and-pop retailers could see price wars, craft brews could be forced off the beer trucks, and illegal promotions and swag could be pushed on beer outlets and bars. Outgoing ABI CEO Carlos Brito could be furthering monopolistic practices in seeking global dominance, at the risk of LA small businesses and vulnerable wholesalers. The antitrust California Cartwright Act and case law need to be invoked to start a full-scale California look-see into Big Alcohol's pursuit of monopoly practices.  

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