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Bruce Lee Livingston, MPP    Email emailButton
Executive Director / CEO

Bruce brings more than 30 years of policy analysis, community organizing, and program management experience to the Executive Director position, which he began in 2006. He trains on environmental prevention of alcohol problems and challenges media spin of Big Alcohol's latest attempts to deregulate. His prior experience includes executive director positions at Health Access California, Health Access Foundation, and Senior Action Network. At Clean Water Action he led state and national campaigns to protect wetlands, promote recycling, and limit toxic wastes. Bruce says, “I work with passionate people who build coalitions and campaigns for a world where global corporations don’t automatically get to expand and grow profits and markets at the expense of public health and safety.”

A portrait of Michael Scippa, public affairs director
Michael Scippa    Email emailButton
Public Affairs Director

Michael has over 35 years of senior management experience in media advocacy and production, marketing, communications, and government relations. In addition to directing similar efforts at Alcohol Justice since 2006, he created the Free The Bowl® and Free Our Sports® Youth Video Contests and directed the REEL Recovery Film Festival - San Francisco Bay Area Edition.

Jorge Castillo, MA    Email emailButton
Advocacy Director
Director de Enlace Comunitario

Jorge manages local organizing projects, such as the San Rafael Alcohol and Drug Coalition and the Los Angeles Drug & Alcohol Policy Alliance. He is focused on coalition organizing, training of leadership, press-worthy activities and empowerment of local organizations. He promotes the environmental prevention model and its practical application in campaigns and policy outcomes. Jorge received his bachelors from the University of Iowa in Political Science and Latin American Studies. He also received his Masters degree from UCLA in Latin American Studies.

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Drug Free Communities Project Coordinator

Maite is a community organizer at Alcohol Justice and the founder of Youth for Justice, a youth advocacy group. In her role as Project Coordinator, she organizies meetings and coordinates efforts of the San Rafael Alcohol and Drug Coalition (SRADC), conducts extensive community outreach, heads efforts to expand in-school alcohol and marijuana prevention policies, and recruits and organizes youth actions.

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Mayra Jimenez     Email  emailButton
Advocacy Manager

Mayra Jimenez is the Advocacy Manager at Alcohol Justice. Based out of Southern California, Mayra supports the California Alcohol and Policy Aliance (CAPA) and Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Policy Aliance (LADAPA) efforts to sustain partnerships, create alliances and advance Alcohol Prevention as a social justice issue. Mayra is a Los Angeles native who grew up in Highland Park. She has a background in environmental prevention, community engagement and advocacy initiatives. She is a community organizer and facilitator by training and a social justice advocate at heart. Over the past 6 years Mayra's work has centered on partnerships with organization across Los Angeles on issues of Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Substance Use Prevention, She has specifically worked on initiatives and projects in Koreatown, Pico Union, and Westlake communities.

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Keren Kuhn     Email emailButton
Administrative Director

Keren plays a pivotal role for the organization by managing operations, accounting, and human resources, and by providing support to the executive director and board of directors. Her background includes a wealth of management and production experience in a variety of creative fields such as photography, landscape architecture, and natural foods.

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Bruce Wolfe, MSW     Email emailButton
Chief Information, Security & Technology Officer

Bruce is tasked with managing all office, administrative and Internet technology. With over 30 years of corporate ownership and senior management experience, he oversees Alcohol Justice's complete technology enterprise including but not limited to networking, support, security, hardware, systems administration and web application services in addition to assisting in advocacy and legislative affairs, and social work. He is also a professional audio engineer, stage manager, and T'ai Chi instructor and tournament judge. Bruce holds a Bachelors & Masters degrees in Social Work with an emphasis in Social Development from San Francisco State University and an experienced Life Coach. He serves as Chair of SF's Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, Boardmember of SF Community Land Trust, Secretary of Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council, Pack Leader of DogPAC-SF, Secretary of SF Amateur Radio Club, Treasurer of Care Assn, Boardmember of Free Assn/Gnosis Retreat Center, Founder/coordinator of PublicNet-SF, Californians for Energy Choice & SF Clean Energy Advocates coalitions.

A picture of upstanding citizen and CAPA Community Organizer Raul Verdugo
Raul Verdugo    Email emailButton
Community Organizer

Raul is the community organizer for the Los Angeles Drug & Alcohol Policy Alliance (LADAPA). LADAPA advocates for safe and healthy communities by reducing drug- and alcohol-related harm through public awareness and policy change. He is focused on coalition building, leadership development, strategic planning and policy development. Raul represents Alcohol Justice, with its on­going effort to promote evidenced-based public health policy through the empowerment of local communities. He is a native of Los Angeles and currently enrolled at the Academy of Art University.

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Kane C. Andrade     Email emailButton
Multimedia Producer

Kane is a photographer, 3D animator and video producer. She is responsible for creating, implementing, and managing video content that focuses on exposing negative alcohol industry practices through strategic use of media, including social media. She is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and bilingual in Spanish and English. Kane has a BFA in 3d Animation and Visual Effects from Academy of Art University. You can find her own content at @KaneAndrade on Instagram, and her art at

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Christina Mira     Email emailButton
Community Outreach Coordinator

After graduating from Brigham Young University with a BA in Family Studies with emphasis on Social Services, Christina joined Alcohol Justice’s new Latino MAT Access Outreach Program as a Promotora de Salud, working with members of the Canal community of San Rafael, to inform and educate residents on Opioid Use Disorder and Medication Assisted Treatment. Christina is a Marin County native and lived most of her life in the Canal neighborhood where she now serves.

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Yavar Amidi     Email emailButton
Community Organizer

Yavar Amidi is a community organizer at Alcohol Justice based out of the San Rafael headquarters. His work focuses on alcohol prevention at the intersection of social justice and public health to create healthy, thriving communities. Yavar has experience as a local community organizer and coordinator in Marin County and the Bay Area with successful grassroots social justice, immigrant justice, and electoral campaigns where he was involved in advocacy, strategy development, volunteer coordination, and community and media outreach. He is committed to organizing against the predatory and negative impacts of the alcohol industry to ensure that the lives and futures of our communities are put ahead of immoral profits!

Carson Benowitz-Fredericks, MSPH, CHES     Email emailButton
Research Manager/Web Content Manager

Carson is responsible for generating both original research in support of Alcohol Justice/CAPA’s projects and content for the website. He holds a Master’s of Science in Public Health with a health communications emphasis from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has formative experience in community health with the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic, and spent four years conducting tobacco control research at UCSF. He moonlights as an overdose prevention trainer with the DOPE Project/Syringe Access Services in San Francisco.