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Whiteclay, NE is a small town of 12 people with four liquor stores that sell an astonishing 4 million cans of beer per year. Just over the border in South Dakota is the Pine Ridge Reservation, where the Oglala Sioux confront massive alcohol-related harm. The connection is clear, and the link must be broken.

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Latest Updates

Nebraska Liquor Control Commission Hearings
on Liquor Licenses in Whiteclay

Last updated 4/27/17

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4/27/17: In a staggering blow to both public health and the ability of the Nebraska Liquor Commission to play a meaningful role in protecting the public, the Lancaster County District Court overturned the commission's decision and mandating that the Whiteclay licenses be automatically renewed. The Nebraska Attorney General is appealing the decision, and the liquor stores will close on Monday until the appeal is decided.

4/19/17: The NE Liquor Commission has voted to suspend the liquor licenses for the four stores in Whiteclay. This is a resounding victory for the tireless advocates and activists of the Pine Ridge reservation, and brings hope that the tide of alcohol harm in the area will ebb.

"I hope that future generations of Lakota youth can forgive us for taking so long to stop the illegal alcohol activity that brought so much harm into their lives." —Jorge Castillo, advocacy director at Alcohol Justice

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Action Alert

There is still time to throw your support behind critics of the liquor store licenses.
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Hearing Updates

The Commission ended the hearings late April 6, 2017. They resolved to take the hearing under advisement and render a decision on or before May 2nd. The liquor stores will continue operating as normal until then. On May 2nd, the stores licenses will either be allowed to expire or the stores can renew them as normal.

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