AB 1322 Thank You!

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THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Due in no small measure to the 1,000+ messages sent by all of you through our AB 1322 Action Alerts, the key vote on the bill never happened, which means it is dead for the rest of this year.

AB 1322, supported by Drybar Company, tried to bully state legislators into relaxing the protections of existing law to allow salons and shops to become bars without a license, without regulation, without ABC oversight. Your messages convinced a few legislators that the proposed bill left too many questions about public health and safety unanswered.

More than 1,000 times the message was received in Sacramento that California does not need 45,000+ unlicensed, unregulated barber and salon businesses serving alcohol. That will not happen this year. But the bill could easily be resurrected in January of 2016.

Thanks again for helping us put the brakes on it this year and if you can, please become a donor. We need your support to remain vigilant and continue building our mutual constituency of concern that will stop this bill again next year if it returns. We also need your help to fight any other bills the industry pushes to deregulate at the expense of public health and safety. Please make a gift today.

Bruce Lee Livingston
Executive Director / CEO