Several states move forward with powdered alcohol regulation

July 31, 2014


In response to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's mistaken approval and subsequent retraction of the powdered alcohol product Palcohol earlier this year, lawmakers in several states moved to ban powdered alcohol products. Advocates for bans cite health and safety concerns, including: the potential for accidental overdose, easier access for youth, and the danger of ingesting the product by snorting. The following state legislation to ban powdered alcohol sales was introduced in 2014:

  • South Carolina HB 4399, Louisiana SB 204, and Vermont SB 299 passed
  • New York Senate Bills 7195 and 7217, and Ohio SB 594 are pending
  • Minnesota's HF 3346 died in committee

  • States with existing laws include Alaska, which bans powdered alcohol, and California, which has allowed sale of powdered alcohol since the 1970's.