State Bans on Powdered Alcohol Advance

February 18, 2015

***Edited on March 12, 2015. Michigan defined powdered alcohol in House Bill 5798, which passed on October 22, 2014. HB 5798 originally contained ban language that was removed before the bill was approved. Michigan Senate Bill 1072 would prohibit the sale or use of powdered alcohol, and is still under consideration.

Since 2014, legislators in several states have proposed or passed bills to prohibit sale and/or possession of powdered and/or crystalline alcohol. They cite health and safety concerns, including the potential for accidental overdose, easier access for youth, and the danger of ingesting the product by snorting.

Thirteen states are currently considering legislative proposals to ban or restrict powdered alcohol: Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois,  Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, New York, South Carolina, Utah, Iowa and Wyoming. Virginia passed its bill banning the sale or possession of powdered alcohol in February. Pennsylvania has taken administrative action to ban powdered alcohol; the Department of Liquor Control has said it will not allow powdered alcohol products into the state.

In 2014, 3 states passed bills to prohibit powdered alcohol: Louisiana, South Carolina, and Vermont. Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, and Ohio failed to pass proposed legislation in 2014.

Alaska placed a ban on powdered alcohol in 1980, and California has allowed sale of alcohol in powdered form since the 1970's.

For a list of powdered alcohol bills, their sponsors, and summaries by state and by year, visit our legislation page.

TAKE ACTION: Send a letter to federal administrators telling them to ban powdered alcohol.